Ninja Standing Desk in Japan

Japan is an incredible country that is so amazingly tight on space. Just watch a video of Shibuya crossing and you will get a sense of just how many people are cram packed into such a tiny space!

Through my travels i’ve had several occasions to need to work for an extended period of time and felt blessed to have my Ninja Standing Desk with me.

Houses are tiny and the chance my knees even fit under a normal desk were few and far between! However everywhere I stayed I found somewhere to hang the Ninja Standing Desk.

From a house in Osaka

ninja standing desk in Japanese home

To a Phone Booth in Iga (Birthplace of Ninjitsu!)
ninja standing desk on a phone booth

To a few hours of productivity on the free WiFi at Kansai International Airport over a low glass wall.

ninja standing desk at KIX Japan

travel standing desk

Everyone I talked to in Japan wanted a Ninja Standing Desk! I can’t wait to ramp up production and get these desks out!

It appears the Sewing is finished back in Oakland CA, USA! The finished desks will be ready when I return on Dec 2nd to start prepping for shipping. The final assembly will take a short period of time as will the packaging and shipping. Kickstarter Backers will have their desks shipped out first and then those that have their pre-orders in!

Pre-Orders have been selling really well! But don’t wait if you want a Ninja Standing Desk. This run has a limited production and will very likely sell out! Get yours by clicking on the Order Now link!

Ninja Standing Desk – Field Testing and Final Manufacturing

I’ve been closely following the progress at the two sewing houses and things are going great!

One of the exciting parts of manufacturing in the USA is that I was able to get EXACTLY the quality and specifications I wanted for the desks. A really interesting specification was how tight the fabric wraps the inserts. If it is too loose the desk can actually twist, if it is too tight the poles become hard to disconnect for disassembly. However I feel a bit like Goldilocks and found a fit that was “Just Right!”

Everything is finely tuned and each sewing house is in the middle of production and have assured me they will be done by the beginning of December.

There isn’t much left for me to be hands on with the manufacturing so instead of twiddling my thumbs waiting for the production run to complete I’ve decided to do some field testing!

I’ll be working from the road doing market research, field trials, and of course having fun, in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and South Korea until the end of November.

I will still be available and working remotely on coordinating everything to be ready to ship out in the beginning of December as soon as the desks come back from the sewing house!

25 days with a small pack and my Ninja Standing Desk! Be sure to go Like the Ninja Standing Desk Facebook Page for more updates and pictures of the Ninja Standing Desk in action.

Tune in right here for lots of great travel tips, remote working tips, and more ninja goodness!

There is only a limited amount of additional desks being made for the December shipment, Pre-Order Today to be sure to get one by Christmas!