Full Steam Ahead! The tracks look clear…

Today I read an interesting article: Kickstarter’s Funded Projects See Some Stumbles

It casts a negative light on all of us here doing Kickstarter projects. While points in the article are valid, I think it doesn’t look at the bigger picture that most of the funded projects do deliver what they promise. Product delays are also not exclusive just to Kickstarter, large corporations have them too!

The challenge is that we entrepreneurs are sometimes idealistic, and often naive. That is in fact what makes us so good at it! We push forward not always knowing the answer, but with a belief the problem is solvable. We don’t let the fear of failure stop us and we let our ideas and passion drive us. What’s challenging is that most of us have never run a business like the one we are proposing to start on Kickstarter. The learning curve is intense!

My goal before I even launched the Kickstarter was to create a very small production run of Ninja Standing Desks as a test run. I thought I would be done by the beginning of Kickstarter and have them up in offices, co-working spaces, and in the hands of reporters. That was my first delay! Those are now my early-bird desks and are still nearing completion as we speak.

Luckily nothing went wrong, it just took my support pole manufacturer 2 weeks extra to even start on my order, and a 6-8 week lead time to finish. The poles should be shipped friday. I have had 3 sets of samples from bag manufacturers delivered, the last and hopefully final sample arriving tomorrow. I expected to have the cases for the desks done a couple weeks ago.

The thing that delays projects more than anything else I’ve found, is that we have no control over how fast other people work. It sometimes takes days or weeks to even get an important call back from crucial suppliers. If you want something made in the USA, suppliers are often SLOW.. Even when you have a rapid supplier/manufacturer, shipping and coordinating from one step in the process to the next always takes more time than anticipated.

Through a lot of help, advice, collaboration, and mentorship, I launched the Ninja Standing Desk Project. I’ve already manufactured the first small run of desks and worked out the logistics for my larger production run. Overall even with delays I am still on schedule for my first early-bird desk delivery in September, and in great shape for the November deadline.

Thank you for believing in this project. I can’t promise to know if there will be future delays, but I can promise to keep you updated and work hard to deliver the vision of the Ninja Standing Desk you invested in!

Us Kickstarter-preneurs are thankful you have invested in us rather than the typical mega-corporation product. It’s through your support we are building businesses, creating jobs, and innovating!

Dan McDonley
Ninja Standing Desk

P.S. Here is a shout out to two other Kickstarters you should check out in the theme of mobility:

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