Ninja Standing Desk in Japan

Japan is an incredible country that is so amazingly tight on space. Just watch a video of Shibuya crossing and you will get a sense of just how many people are cram packed into such a tiny space!

Through my travels i’ve had several occasions to need to work for an extended period of time and felt blessed to have my Ninja Standing Desk with me.

Houses are tiny and the chance my knees even fit under a normal desk were few and far between! However everywhere I stayed I found somewhere to hang the Ninja Standing Desk.

From a house in Osaka

ninja standing desk in Japanese home

To a Phone Booth in Iga (Birthplace of Ninjitsu!)
ninja standing desk on a phone booth

To a few hours of productivity on the free WiFi at Kansai International Airport over a low glass wall.

ninja standing desk at KIX Japan

travel standing desk

Everyone I talked to in Japan wanted a Ninja Standing Desk! I can’t wait to ramp up production and get these desks out!

It appears the Sewing is finished back in Oakland CA, USA! The finished desks will be ready when I return on Dec 2nd to start prepping for shipping. The final assembly will take a short period of time as will the packaging and shipping. Kickstarter Backers will have their desks shipped out first and then those that have their pre-orders in!

Pre-Orders have been selling really well! But don’t wait if you want a Ninja Standing Desk. This run has a limited production and will very likely sell out! Get yours by clicking on the Order Now link!

One thought on “Ninja Standing Desk in Japan

  1. Japan and similar countries (high population density locations) have a vested interest in dynamic spaces. Many ‘homes’ in Tokyo are little more than studios that the couple or individual modify throughout the day to fit their needs. The default setting for these rooms is a center space cleared of items and all the different furniture pieces folded and stowed along the wall next to all the other personal effects one owns. So, storage ‘footprint’ is a key quality for furniture. A ninja standing desk is far superior to a folding floor table in just that one category. The other benifit a are a bonus to the space conscientious city dweller of Japan.

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