Ninja Standing Desk is Here!


Almost 400 shelves for the Ninja Standing Desk were picked up this morning from the sewing house!

Over the course of this week and next, I will begin the final assembly process and start packaging each desk to be ready for shipping.


The printed instructions are almost done with our favorite Ninja Illustrator doing all the illustrations.

Order a Ninja Standing Desk for Christmas!

US Pre-Orders placed before Dec 17th should receive their desks before Christmas!   (Unfortunately we can’t promise the same for International customers as International shipping can take 3-6 weeks)

Order Now!

I am so excited to hear everyones feedback and more importantly pictures of where you use yours! Please post a picture of your current “Stack of Boxes” standing desk and/or your new Ninja Standing Desk setup on our Facebook Page (and don’t forget to like our page if you haven’t already!)

Thanks everyone for all of your support! This project could have never been made without you!

Where will your Ninja Standing Desk go?

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