Pre-Order Your Ninja Standing Desk!

The Ninja Standing Desk is in the last stage of manufacturing and will be available for shipping in December.

Limited Availability To ensure the highest quality product we have manufactured this production run right here in the USA, in the
San Francisco Bay Area. Not only are we supporting the local and US economy, this helps us oversee every step of the process! Of course that
means only a limited number of desks are available for pre-order.

Don’t miss your chance! Pre-Order Now!

The Ninja Standing Desk is available starting at $159
-Includes a carrying case that even has room for your laptop, plus mounting hardware for doors and walls

Thanks to all of our supporters so much for helping to bring this vision to a reality! Using a standing desk completely changed my life and now I can help people all over the world find the same health, focus, and motivation that the Ninja Standing Desk has given me.

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