Manufacturing in full swing!

Wow these last couple weeks have flown by! I’ve been in the shop most days for 10hrs+ at a time working on cutting and prepping the inserts. All of the parts are now at both sewing houses and it is a race to see who finishes the job first. As soon as one finishes, I will have enough stock to send out to all the kickstarter backers.


This is my little biodiesel hatchback bringing one part of the materials to the sewing houses for the final manufacturing.

It does look like there will be a delay due to the christmas season rush at both sewing houses in completing the work. They did give me assurances that a good portion of the desks will be done by the end of November beginning of December. As soon as they are done I have all of the other parts ready for assembly and shipping!

Earlybird Desks and Magnets are all out in the hands of backers! We are in the process of drafting the instructions so please send me directly any feedback you have about any difficulties in setting your desks up the first time! International backers, how was the extra assembly step you had to do?

I am excited to hear any and all feedback and am looking forward to getting the rest of the desks out to backers!

Thanks again for helping make the Ninja Standing Desk a reality!

P.S. If you didn’t get a chance to pledge for a desk but would still like to pre-order one we are now accepting Pre-Orders.

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